NHS Changeday 2014: U Can Cope

Campaign pledge:  ‘I pledge to develop my wellbeing and emotional resilience & encourage those around me to do the same’

People with positive wellbeing, resilience and a good support system are likely to have fewer health problems. This pledge is about being proactive - instead of passively waiting for things to get better – which will provide an increased feeling of competence, self-efficacy and self-esteem.

Dr Alys Cole-King, on behalf of Connecting with People says “Most of us manage our physical health far better than our emotional health, leaving issues and problems to cause potential harm. Resilience refers to a person’s ability to cope with everyday stress and not be unduly badly affected by it. Having enough coping skills and emotional and social support will allow someone to ‘bounce back’ to a previous state of normal functioning. Often successfully coping with a difficult situation means that someone can even come back even stronger knowing that they coped ‘last time’. A key message is that life can sometimes throw up difficulties but ideally people have a good baseline wellbeing to buffer and ‘absorb’ any stress so that it is not emotionally harmful. Another key strategy is knowing our own individual coping strategies that work and where to go for help and support.”


U Can Cope Campaign Pledge motivation:   

Stress and mental health issues are the commonest reason to be off work in high pressure work environments and the second biggest occupational health problem in the UK after musculoskeletal (back and joint) problems. This is in the context of a global rise in suicide rates.  Because there's still a stigma attached to stress and mental health problems, people are often reluctant to seek help in case they're seen as unable to cope.

Compassionate care is best delivered by emotionally resilience carers with great personal wellbeing. People have different levels of resilience which can influence how they respond to life’s challenges. Wellbeing and resilience can enable someone to be better able to cope if life is tough so they can still enjoy a happy and meaningful life. Although cultural change is also needed to facilitate compassionate care in organisations, a carer with great wellbeing and who is resilient will find it easier to meet any challenges.





 Information and futher resources about building resilience can be found in our public education resources here



This pledge provides an excellent platform to challenge stigma and to highlight how everyone of all ages and people with a mental or physical illness or any other adversity can also be encouraged and supported to maximise their wellbeing and increase their resilience.

U Can Cope pledge Certificate

We have designed a U Can Cope pledge certificate which can be downloaded from here. It will allow supporters to capture their personal commitment of three things they will undertake to promote their wellbeing and resilience. We invite pledgers to place their certificate in a prominent position as a reminder of their commitment.

Please join the pledge here: http://changeday.nhs.uk/campaign?select=710